Resuscitation of Ecology
Water Soil Air


Problems of Human Development Ecologically with Vedic Science

Urban Problems

Sustainable Ecological Development

Carbon Sequestration

Creating Natural Carbon Sinks

Rural Pains

Diseases Pests and Weather Resilient Campuses

Rural Solutions

Diseases Pests and Weather Resilient Campuses

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon Sequestration

The Supreme Goodness is like Water.

It benefits all things without Contention.

In dwelling, it stays Grounded.

In being, it flows to Depths.

In expression, it is Honest.

In confrontation, it stays Gentle.

In governance, it does not Control.

In action, it aligns to Timing.

It is content with its Nature,

And therefore, cannot be Faulted…..

Water is H2O- HHO- “Humility in Harmony with Openness”…..

Welcome to the World of Mysterious Water with Cownomics…..